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Part 3 FINAL

Chris arrived at exactly 9:30 at the Umbrella labs. He parked his Segway at the front and knocked on the door. Wesker, without missing a beat, opened the door and pulled Chris in. "Oh kitten, don't you look handsome! I could just eat you up." This made Wesker blush and cream his pants. "Well this cat is in the mood for some seafood, and I think I've got the catch of the day." With these words, Chris creamed his pants. Both men creamed their pants a few more times before leaving for Wesker's room. Wesker opened the door to let Chris walk enter. "Oh Wesker, the room looks lovely! And oh! Are those pictures of yours truly on the mirror? You are such a darling." Chris wrapped his anacondas around Wesker and squeezed. "Mmmm, this is going purrrr-fectly. Let's no make waste. Make love to me, captain."

Chris frowned. "Actually I'm a colonel. See the bars on my sleeve? That's a colonel, not a captain." Wesker looked up at Chris and scowled. "Was that really necessary? Like, really..." Chris, being confused, opened his mouth to explain, but Wesker would have no sass from the colonel. "Oh no, the damage is already done. You ruined my mood. Poor preformance, poor performance indeed." Just as he was about leave, he felt the warm, tender embrace that only sassy sailor could give. He hoisted Wesker up and tosses him on the bed, jumping ontop of him and pinning him under his well-built body. "Chris, I-" started Wesker. "Shhh, hush now, Kitten, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend. Let me make this up to you."

Chris put his finger to Wesker's lips and slipped it in his mouth. "Suck on this while I suck you off." Wesker did as he was told, gently tonguing the tip of Chris's index finger. He moaned softly, then bit down as he felt the wet, warm tongue press against his member. Wekser tried to speak, but Chris's finger wouldn't allow it. All Chris heard was "mow wow wow bluh bluh bla bla bluh weeeep." Chris pulled his head back and said "Oh, I love you too," then went back to sucking. Wesker furrowed his brows and thought to himself "no you idiot. I was telling my penis how lucky it is to be serviced by a man such as Chris, not telling you how much I love you." But he soon forgot this as pulled back and rolled Wesker on his back. "I do hope you've been using the stretcher I sent you last Christmas, you'll need it."

Wesker gulped and looked in the corner of his room. There sitting in the corner was a wrapped box. Wesker had though Chris had gotten him a fruitcake, and disregarded the thing entirely. He now began to sweat at the thought of Chris dropping that anchor into his port.

"Oh, look, you're so excited to start. I bet you've been waiting for this all day." Chris said as he rubbed his hands across Wesker's chest. But now, let me skip the small talk and pleasure you." Chris took a step back and tore away his uniform. Wesker stared at the size of Chris's 'mast' and creamed his pants again. Chris wasted no time unbuckling Wesker's belt and pulling his leather pants down, revealing a sticky trail of sperm down his leg. "Oh, you are so ready." Chris then knelt down behind him, grabbing his cock and guiding it against Wesker's ass. "Permission to dock?" "Purr-mission.... granted." With that, Chris pulled back and shouted "Land ho!" and shoved his manhood into Wesker. "Me-OW, OW CHRIS, WTHAT THE FUCK?! DO YOU, LIKE, MAKE YOUR PENIS LIFT WEIGHTS OR SOMETHING? HOLY SHIT I THINK YOU SPLIT MY ANUS! CHRIS! CHRISSS!" Chris ignored him and kept thrusting. Wesker pawed at the air, tensing up each time Chris thrust deep into him. He gripped the velvet sheets for dear life and closed his eyes, wishing Chris would finish. His wish was mercifully granted as he heard Chris grunt and then release inside of him. "C-Ch-ChrisQ! Chris!" Wesker cried with pain and pleasure. Chris pulled out of him and laid on his back. "Load my cannon." Wesker rose to his knee's slowly and centered himself infront of Chris. He reached down and gripped his cock, pumping the thick shaft in his hands while he pushed his own cock into Chris. Chris moaned and closed his eyes.

Wesker grinned, knowing that this was finally his time to kill his rival once and for all. "You know Chris, I used to hate you with all my heart." he said as he began to slowly thrust in and out of Chris's ass. "Oh I know, but now we're lovers," said Chris softly. "Yes, well. I've never forgiven you about shooting me in the face with that rocket launcher" Chris shifted around "Really? I thought we were over that bridge." "Mmm, no. No not really." Wesker using the enhanced strength within him slammed his hips as hard as he could into Chris. Chris cried out then closed his eyes, the pain of his pelvis shattering knocking him out cold. "IT'S TIME TO END THIS, CHRIS!" Cried Wesker, thrusting in and out of Chris with the speed and power of a jackhammer. Wesker began laughing, as he knew Chris's end was seconds away. "Goodbye, old friend." And with that, the Uroboro's parasite exploded from Wesker's penis, consuming Chris's body. Wesker then passed out moments later.

Later that night, Wesker sat down by his fire place, somewhat sad at how he deceived Chris for many years, but knew this to be silly. He had finally killed the thorn in his ass, and in a way, was contempt that Chris was now part of him. "Sleep well, old friend. You've earned it."
And so, this horribly written, stupid story comes to an end. Oh well. WARNING, THIS IS VERY DISTURBING.

Chris and Claire Redfield, Albert Wesker AND Resident Evil belong to Capcom.
tsumefan2 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
very fun dude love it
TaylorTheTexan Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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